The Norwegian Association of Higher Education Institutions started a project in the fall 2011 in order to investigate the amount of electronic/digitized content in literature lists. The survey revealed the need for a reading list management tool. A new project was initiated with 8 HE institutions as participants. This is how we were introduced to Talis Aspire. At BI we’ve had online reading lists since about 2000. Our system has been developed and customized over the years, but has reached more »

Talis Developer Community and a new API

We recently started a reviews beta with a number of our customers. The new reviews functionality is designed to only show you items on lists which have changes that need some review decision to be made. In order to support the data needs of this review functionality, we wrote a new API for Talis Aspire Reading Lists which gives access to some specific information. The new API has been designed to be easily extended to suit other purposes.  And that is more »


Eric Stoller is a Higher Education thought-leader, Consultant, writer and speaker, will be joining us to speak about ‘Digital Identity’. He replaces Simon Thomson, who unfortunately had to withdraw due to changes in his schedule and research taking priority. Here is a brief title and description from Eric about his session: What’s Your Digital Identity: Leading and Engaging via Social Media My session will explore the range of possibilities of all things digital, including social media for knowledge acquisition, digital literacy, mobile engagement, more »


If you are using or considering Canvas, you can now deliver a seamless reading lists experience with Talis Aspire Reading Lists, we are now a Canvas Certified Partner. As a part of our ongoing work to deliver increasingly  integrated student experiences, students can now access their recommended reading from within  Canvas. This means, you can install the Talis Aspire Reading Lists app from the Canvas EduApp Center. No need to code, or do any bespoke work, just enter some configuration more »

Coming soon… Talis customer guest blog series

In addition to our regular updates, we thought it would be good to open up this blog for guest posts. We have invited some of our Talis customers to tell us, and you, about their experiences of working with Talis. To start this off, we have invited a couple of our most recent subscribers to contribute a series of guest blog posts. They will take us through their journey of selecting, implementing and the roll-out of their Talis Aspire subscriptions. Over the course of more »

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5 questions for Simon Thomson

As promised here are the 5 questions David White asked Simon Thomson, and Simon’s reponses. 1. What excited you the most about Talis Insight 2015? And why did you agree to get involved? The mix of people and roles. HEI’s are complex spaces and we will only ever see change or meaningful impact if we work together in our different roles. I am glad to see that Talis Insight brings together people with a variety of roles. 2. What can people expect to hear from more »

As per my previous post on 5 questions for Sheila MacNeill, she nominated David White to answer 5 questions from her. So here are the questions from Sheila, and their responses from David: 1. What excited you the most about Talis Insight 2015? And why did you agree to get involved? I’m interested in the intersection between commercial providers and higher education institutions. I’m also keen to explore what the role of digital technology is in higher education now that more »

Kitty Inglis

Kitty Inglis joins us for Day One at Talis Insight 2015. In addition to being the Librarian at University of Sussex, Kitty is also a member of the SCONUL Executive Board. Here is a title and a short synopsis from Kitty, on her session for the 15th of April: Delivering academic library services in a digital age: Opportunities and challenges Academic libraries need to be agile and their staff equipped with the requisite skills in order to be able to more »


I shared 5 questions with Sheila, to help provide a little more info about her and her session at Talis Insight 2015. I also requested that she nominate one other speaker and 5 questions she would like them to answer! So here are the questions, and their responses from Sheila: 1. What excited you the most about Talis Insight 2015? And why did you agree to get involved? Well I was very flattered to be asked to speak at the more »

Mark Brown joins us for Day One at Talis Insight UK 2015. Mark recently moved from New Zealand to join The National Institute for Digital Learning based at the Dublin City University as a Director. Here is a title and short synopsis from Mark, on his session on the 15th April: Developing a Vibrant Digital Learning Culture: Exploring the Question of Quality This presentation explores the question of quality in the wider context of how to create a rich and more »